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We are Confident that you will Love the Realistic and fabulously Believable Look of your Benzgem G-H-I-J Color Range imitation Diamond Solitaire that we are offering a 30 day Money Back Guarantee.


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I am always Satisfied with the Best

cit. Oscar Wilde

This Jewelry Designer interface is provided for your Convenience and for approximating Your Pricing in Real Time and customizing the following Jewelry Features:

For easiest navigation follow these Steps in Order.

  1. Choose Category from the column on the left or from the Boxes in front of you. [you may have to follow this step 2 times]
  2. Choose your Gem color from the multicolored boxes. [Best results are with the first white box, for an all diamond look]
  3. Go to the column on the left and find your preferred Precious Metal color. [once ticked, all items will appear with your chosen metal color]
  4. If you have a Center Stone Shape in mind, on the left side column tick your preferred shape. [If emerald shape is chosen, choose both Emerald and Emerald/Octa to see all Emerald Cut selections]
  5. If you know the Millimeter Dimensions of the Shape you are looking for you may tick the selections in the left column. [Once ticked, all of the Jewelry available morph into the size you have selected.
  6. Optional... If for instance you would like to see a green color gem in the center position, go to step 2. and tick the color Green. [Green will show up in all designs deemed appropriate.

Jewelry is Designed, Cast, Polished and Stone Setting in the USA.

Please disregard the search box to the Right - It is not going to function properly with this Interface.

Perform these steps once you have made a single Jewelry Selection.

Individual Listings take time to create. Should you need immediate assistance, Please contact the Salon by phone or Email.

In the "Quote" message box, Please include all the following additional information:

1. Your Semi-Mount Diamond Color and Clarity,

2. Your Center Stone Type

3. Kind of Gemstone

4. Ring Size