3.21 Ct. Cushion Benzgem: Best G-H-I-J Diamond Quality Imitation; GuyDesign® Breast Cancer Survivor's Pendant Necklace: Lab-Grown Pavé Diamonds Custom Gold Jewelry, 10389

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10389DG.222682.02020902.86222.2 - GuyDesign®, Made in the USA
Bespoke and Made to Order Expressly for You.
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Best Imitation Diamond Quality Benzgem:
GIA Equivalent Color: G-H-I-J Near Colorless, White with a Tint
Benzgem Cut Quality:
Designed, Handcut, and Polished as Real Diamonds are...
Semi-Mount | Setting - Designed, Handcrafted, and Polished:
Made in the USA
Setting | Mounting - Fully Customizable:
Priced in 14 Karat Gold
Semi-Mount Gemstones:
Lab-Grown, Real Diamonds
Jewelry Product Classification:
Best available in its Class


3.21 Ct. Hand Cut Antique Square Cushion Shape Benzgem: Best G-H-I-J Diamond Cut, Color & Quality Imitation; GuyDesign® Breast Cancer Survivor's Design Pendant Necklace: Lab-Grown Real Pavé Diamonds Custom Made, Bespoke Gold Jewelry, 10389

10389DG.222682.02020902.86222.2 - GuyDesign®, Lab-Grown Pavé Diamonds, Benzgem; Best Imitation Diamond in the World, 14 Karat Rose Gold, Made in the USA

Bespoke style Available in Round, Oval, Cushion, Asscher, Emerald, Princess, and Pear.

  • Pendant Made in the USA and Photographed in Lustrous 14 Karat Rose Gold.
  • Featuring a 3.21 Carat Diamond Quality, Believable and Realistic Benzgem Diamond Alternative.
  • Featured Stone Dimensions are 9mm x 9mm [approximately 5/16ths of an inch]
  • Pavé set with 31 Lab-Grown Diamonds, Precision Cut, F+ Color, VS Clarity.
  • Pendant Dimensions are approximately 0.88 inches Long x .42 inches wide x extends forward .27 inches.
  • Priced as a Pendant only - Necklace Chain or Cord sold separately.
  • This Pendant style may be available set with other Cushion Shape Semi-precious and Precious Gemstones, both Genuine as well as Lab Grown Selections and Imitations.

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