3.81 Benzgem by GuyDesign®, 03.81 Carat Princess Cut Quadrillion, Jewelry Sample, Size 7, Tarnish Resistant Silver 6705-123063

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Benzgem by GuyDesign®, 03.81 Carat Princess Cut Quadrillion Shape Jewelry Sample, Size 7, Tarnish Resistant Silver 6705
Bespoke and Made to Order Expressly for You.
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Best Imitation Diamond Quality Benzgem:
⚜️ GIA Equivalent Color: G-H-I-J Near Colorless, White with a Tint
Benzgem Cut Quality:
⚜️ Designed, Handcut, and Polished as Real Diamonds are...
Semi-Mount | Setting - Designed, Handcrafted, and Polished:
⚜️ Made in the USA
Setting | Mounting - Fully Customizable:
⚜️ Priced in Sterling Silver
Jewelry Product Classification:
⚜️ Best available in its Class

Benzgem by GuyDesign®, 3.81 Carat Princess Cut Quadrillion Shape Jewelry Sample, Size 7, Tarnish Resistant Silver 6705

    I have the Simplest tastes...

I am always Satisfied with the Best

cit. Oscar Wilde


  • Our Custom Jewelry creations are Made to Order, Expressly for You, In the United States.
  • The Jewel size will be a stock carat size.  The Jewel received may be larger or smaller than what you ultimately would like to buy, however it will be in your Favorite Shape.
  • You will be able to wear this ring for a week and see it in real world lighting conditions. Please see our page on Caring for and Handling Benzgem for best Results.
  • Your purchase price for the Benzgem Sample will be applied to your GuyDesign® Jewellery Purchase should you choose to purchase, upon return of the sample intact and unaltered.
  • Should you decide to not purchase an article of GuyDesign® Jewellery at this time, Your complete sample purchase price will be refunded upon return of the Benzgem sample, intact and unaltered, minus actual shipping.
  • Serious Inquiries only, Please.
  • Please return the Benzgem Sample Ring within the prescribed amount of time, otherwise keeping it will constitute a sale for the purchase price of the Benzgem Sample Ring.
  • At Benzgem, we don't just Believe we have the best Fake Diamond In The World, You will See, Feel and Experience it.


Unlike ALL Other Lab grown Imitations, Moissanite, other Diamond Alternatives and Simulations... Benzgem is Believable!

  • Benzgem is the Most Believable and Realistic in its Appearance
  • Benzgem is Singly Refractive, like a Natural Diamond - Sparkles like Natural Diamond
  • Benzgem has Genuine, Fine Diamond Quality Shape, Proportion, Facet Design, Precise Cutting and Polishing
  • Benzgem's Color in the rough, Is a Realistic Tinted White, G-H-I-J Color Range - the Color of 98.% of all Natural Diamonds found in Jewellery. The color runs all the way through the jewel, it is not coated to artificially induce color. The color is 100%, through and through.
  • Benzgem's G-H-I-J Color Grade, is both Natural and Believable. It's color will match and coordinate with the Diamond Jewelry you already own


  • Benzgem combined with our Natural Diamond Semi-mount: will Satisfy your Desire for a Natural Mined Diamond and will have resale value as it is a Diamond Semi-Mount.
  • Benzgem has a Natural and Realistic Clarity, Is Transparent and Eye Clean, Minimum clarity rating VS2 clarity or Better
  • Our Benzgem Diamond Alternative is produced with our exclusive proprietary process.

I Guarantee... You will Believe you are wearing a Natural Diamond Solitaire.

Benzgem is simply... the Best Diamond Copy In The World...

Benzgem Jewelry has several Guarantees and Warranties that apply. 1. Benzgem - Cut quality Guarantee. 2. Benzgem - Stone Guarantee for a Lifetime. 3. Jewelry Warranty - Gold or Platinum. 4. Benzgem - Best Guarantee in the Business of Jewelry, 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. Please see Details of each part of the Warranty under, "Benzgem Warranty and Care" heading.