4 Carat 9x9 millimeter Square Cushion Cut Pink Sapphire, 10468 Lot 9, Excellent Cut Real Sapphire created in a Laboratory

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10468DG.02020209 - Custom Pink Sapphire by GuyDesign®
Bespoke and Made to Order Expressly for You.
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⚜️ $2,040 - $2,720 as of 9|02|2020
Lab-Grown Real Corundum Sapphire Cut Quality:
⚜️ Designed, Handcut, and Polished as Real Sapphires are...
Gem Origin:
⚜️ Newly Birthed in a Lab, Real Sapphire
Jewelry Product Classification:
⚜️ Best available in its Class

4 Carat 9x9 millimeter Square Cushion Cut Pink Sapphire, 10468, Excellent Cut Real Sapphire Newly created in Laboratory

10468DG.02020209 - Custom Pink Sapphire by GuyDesign®

  • Featured is a New, GuyDesign® Pink Sapphire with an Excellent Cut and Color.
  • Natural Sapphires are geologically rare. Uniform, Beautiful Color, and Quality Cutting are even more difficult to find in natural sapphires.
  • GuyDesign® Sapphires are Real Sapphires birthed in a Laboratory, instead of being born from Mother Earth.
  • GuyDesign® Sapphires look the same, sparkle the same, and are as hard as those found buried in the earth, as they are Real Sapphires too.
  • Their most significant difference is their Luxurious Color. The color distribution is distributed evenly throughout these Special Sapphires.
  • Secondly, as they contain no visible Imperfections, Flaws, and Fractures than the Natural, GuyDesign® sapphires are more structurally sound than those found in the Earth.
  • Lastly, these Luxurious sapphires are attainable for far less money than those Natural Sapphires mined from Mother Earth.


Lab-Created Newly Birthed Gemstone Specifications:

Primary Stone Shape: • Cushion Cut, Fully Faceted, Facets properly formed
Primary Stone Carat Weight:   • approximately 4 carats and 5 points
Primary Stone Size: • approximately 9 x 9 millimeters
Primary Stone Type: • GuyDesign® Brand, Lab-Created Pink Sapphire
Primary Stone Cut Quality: • Ideally Proportioned, Precision Quality Cut
Primary Stone Color Rating: • Very Good
Primary Stone Clarity Rating: • VS2 or Better [clean to the unaided eye]



  • As we Design and Cut our own Sapphires, they can be fashioned into many Shapes and Sizes.
  • Standard shapes include, Round, Oval, Cushion, Asscher, Emerald, Square, Marquise, Pear, and Heart Shape.

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