7.90 Ct. TGW. Benzgem Emerald Cut; Looks and feels Real, Most Believable Simulated Solitaire Diamond Stud Earrings. Brand: GuyDesign® Customizable 14k White Gold Dangle Earrings, 10374

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10374DG.91025050.55658wire62932 Benzgem by GuyDesign® 10.00 x 8.00 Emerald Cut Jewel; Realistic White, tinted in the G-H-I-J Color Range - the most Believable Fake Diamond in the World!
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Diamond Quality Benzgem - Best Simulated Diamond:
⚜️ GIA Equivalent Color: G-H-I-J Near Colorless, White with a Tint
Benzgem Cut Quality:
⚜️ Designed, Handcut, and Polished as Real Diamonds are...
Semi-Mount | Setting - Designed, Handcrafted, and Polished:
⚜️ Made in the USA
Setting | Mounting - Fully Customizable:
⚜️ Priced in 14 Karat Gold
Jewelry Product Classification:
⚜️ Best available in its Class


7.90 Carat TGW., Benzgem by GuyDesign® Emerald Cut White Gold Dangle Earrings, French Ear Wire, 10374

10374DG.91025050.55658wire62932 Benzgem by GuyDesign® 10.00 x 8.00 Emerald Shape Jewel; Realistic White, tinted in the G-H-I-J Color Range - the most Believable Fake Diamond in the World!

  • Custom Jewelry, Designed, Cast, Stone Setting and Polished in the USA.
  • Photographed in 14 Karat White Gold.
  • This Custom Jewelry piece may accommodate several Shapes and Sizes.
  • Features a Pair of Excellent Diamond Quality G-H-I-J Color, 3.95 carat Hand Cut, Emerald Shaped Benzgem by GuyDesign® Lab Created Imitation Diamonds.
  • This Exclusive Emerald Shape will match and coordinate perfectly with the Genuine Diamond Jewelry you already own.

BENZGEM is distinguished by its Excellent Cut and Unique Color.

In absence of the Very Best Cut, there is no "Realistic Look", there is no "Believability": being hand cut is not enough, Gemstone hardness is not enough, Fine Gold and Platinum settings are not enough!

The creation of a convincing Diamond replacement, is all about the Realistic color of the Stone and the Stone's Quality of Cut.

Setting Specifications

Country of Manufacture: United States
GuyDesign® Dangle Style# 55658.1
French Ear Wire# 62932.4
[Wire Size] 19 x 11.5millimeters
Metal Quality: 14 Karat
[Metal Quality Options] [14, and 18 Karat] 
Jewelry Material Type1: Gold
[Precious Metal Options] [Gold, Platinum] 
Metal Purity1: 14 Karat Plumb
Metal Color1: White
[Metal Color: Options] [White, Yellow, Rose and Two Tone]
Surface Finish: Polished

Lab Created Gemstone Specifications

Primary Stone Shape: Best Emerald Shape, Fully Faceted
Primary Stone Carat Weight:   Each approximately 3 carat and 95 points
Primary Stone Size: 10 x 8 millimeters
Primary Stone Type: Benzgem Brand Premium, Lab Created Diamond Imitation
Primary Stone Cut Quality: Well Proportioned, Diamond Quality Cut
Primary Stone Color Rating: Realistic & Believable, G-H-I-J Range of Color, Near Colorless, White
Primary Stone Clarity Rating: VS2 or Better [clean to the unaided eye]




  • This Custom Style may be Available in 14 Karat, 18 Karat, White, Yellow, or Rose Gold, Platinum and Two Tone diamond Quality Settings.
  • This Custom Style may accommodate Ideal, Hearts & Arrows Round, Brilliant Oval, Square Cushion, Cut Corner Asscher, Step Cut Emerald, Superlative Quadrillion Princess, Marquise Shape, Fashionable Pear, and Heart Shape in all Colors and Sizes
  • Diamond, Precious, Semi-Precious, Lab Grown, Lab Created Gemstones may be Available

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Benzgem Jewelry has several Guarantees and Warranties that apply. 1. Benzgem - Cut quality Guarantee. 2. Benzgem - Stone Guarantee for a Lifetime. 3. Jewelry Warranty - Gold or Platinum. 4. Benzgem - Best Guarantee in the Business of Jewelry, 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. Please see Details of each part of the Warranty under, "Benzgem Warranty and Care" heading.

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