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➨ 9 x 9 Princess Cut - 03.81 Ct. Benzgem


Princess | Quadrillion Brilliant Square Shape

  •   1.13 Carat, Princess -  6 X 6 mm.
  •   1.79 Carat, Princess -  7 X 7 mm.
  •   2.68 Carat, Princess -  8 X 8 mm.
  •   3.81 Carat, Princess -  9 X 9 mm.
  •   5.23 Carat, Princess - 10 X 10 mm.

Because our Jewelry is Bespoke, completely Designed and Produced in the USA, most Designs will accept these Popular Quadrillion Shape, Princess Cut dimensions and Carat weights.

As their are over 187,000 bespoke options for GuyDesign®, For your Reference, we have provided a Jewelry Design interface below that demonstrates the 653 designs that will accept this 4 Carat Quadrillion Princess Cut.

➨ GuyDesign® 3 to 4 Carat Princess | Quadrillion Cut Design Interface

  • We currently have 653 separate Bespoke, Custom Jewelry designs made in the USA for diamonds and Gemstones that include Rings, Engagement Rings and Pendants that feature a 3.81 carat thru 4 carat [9mm x 9mm] Quadrillion \ Princess Cut.
  • Please contact the Jewellery Salon for the Best Price on Your Custom Quote.
  • Include the number located above the style.
  • Also the gemstone and the shape you are interested in.
  • We would enjoy emailing you a mock up photo of your Special Custom Design.
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