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2.85 Benzgem by GuyDesign® Most Believable and Realistic 2.85 Ct. Pear Cut... Designed, Hand Cut, and Polished as Real Diamonds are.

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Benzgem by GuyDesign® Most Believable and Realistic Lab - Created 12 x 8 Pear Shape Simulated Diamond... Designed, Cut, and Polished as Real Diamonds are.
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Benzgem does not try to be a Million dollar Diamond... It is rather content to be Believable and Realistic in it's G-H, I, and J colors.

cit. Guy Michael Smith

Diamonds are the King of Gemstones.

  • Their #1 disadvantage is Cost - They are very Expensive especially as a Large Solitaire.
  • #2 is you will spend a small fortune for a non-Investment.  This is absolutely correct... 98% of Diamonds are non Appreciating Assets. Singular diamonds that have a high Carat weight in the double digits, are of a suitable Color and Clarity and have an Excellent, Ideal, or Triple Zero Cut may be considered as a Long Term Investment.
  • For a vast majority of the population, Diamonds not meeting those Standards, would be simply an "Investment" in Beauty and Glamour.
  • Diamond lovers need not despair, for there is now a truly Luxurious, Believable and Realistic Diamond alternative... Benzgem!

Introducing the Most Believable alternative to Diamond, the Benzgem!

The eminently credible Benzgem; Designed, Hand Cut, and Polished as Real Diamonds are.

Just as in 1885 Karl Friedrich Benz* Invented the first true Automobile, I have created the first true Diamond Alternative. Second only to Diamond, Benzgem is the Epitome of a World Class Diamond; Benzgem is physically Believable and Realistic as a Diamond.

Benzgem's color is that of a Real Diamond: G-H-I-J Near Colorless White Color. Benzgem is Exclusively Set in Jewellery settings made for genuine Diamonds, furthermore, Benzgem will match and coordinate with the Genuine Diamonds you already own. Benzgem... You will Feel and Experience the Opulence of wearing a Genuine, mined "Rock"

*Mercedes Benz is a registered Trademark of Daimler AG


• We Carry Colorless, Near Colorless and Faint Yellow Benzgem. • The Central Rough - Near Colorless is our preferred Color as it is White enough but still looks Real. • You should know that large Carat sizes and shapes other than Round tend to exhibit the exact color of the rough. Tiny round stones always look white. Near Colorless Benzgem Jewels look the same in the Sunlight and Artificial Light. • This G-H-I-J color range provides Slight Contrast between the Color of the Benzgem Solitaire and the Natural round Diamond Semi-mount. • Because of this slight contrast in color, Benzgem never tries to look like a Million dollar Diamond. • It is rather content to be Beautiful, Wearable and appear Believable and Realistic in the G-H, I, and J colors.


    I have the Simplest tastes...

I am always Satisfied with the Best

cit. Oscar Wilde


Benzgem by GuyDesign® Most Believable and Realistic 2.85 Ct. Pear Cut... Designed, Hand Cut, and Polished as Real Diamonds are.

Specializing in Luxury for the Luxurious!

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Benzgem Jewelry has several Guarantees and Warranties that apply. 1. Benzgem - Cut quality Guarantee. 2. Benzgem - Stone Guarantee for a Lifetime. 3. Jewelry Warranty - Gold or Platinum. 4. Benzgem - Best Guarantee in the Business of Jewelry, 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. Please see Details of each part of the Warranty under, "Benzgem Warranty and Care" heading.

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