A Luxe Life Finely Finished Cut Crystal Glass and Gilt Bronze Ormolu, 11 Inch Dish Centerpiece Bowl

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6843ME - 667410113.91025121.311014766 - Cut Glass Centerpiece Bowl
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Finely Finished Cut Crystal Glass and Gilt Bronze Ormolu - 11 Inch Dish Centerpiece Bowl

Hand Made Centerpiece Bowl Features:

  • Finely finished cut crystal glass body
  • Hand made, assembled, and finished 
  • Gilted bronze ormolu and handles [Polished bronze is naturally a fine gold color prior to applying a patina]
  • Dimensions:  11 inches wide, 9 inches deep, and 5 inches tall
  • Display on any appropriate table top, mantle, or shelf

Gilt Bronze Ormolu Mounts

Many of our styles employ Gilt Bronze Ormolu.  Ormolu was first produced in France in mid-17th Century.  During the reign of The Sun King, Louis XIV, gilt bronze ormolu mounts were used in abundance.  Opulence was the order of the day and Chinese porcelains were en Vogue.

Gilt Bronze Ormolu or “Dore´ Bronze“ as is commonly referred to, is used today in the same manner - as fashionable decorative embellishments - the mark of fine quality craftsmanship.  These embellishments were traditionally reserved for only the costliest Chinese & European wares and the finest European furnishings.

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