Benzgem Diamond Quality Alternative

What sets Benzgem Apart from All Other Lab Grown Diamond Imitations and Simulations?

Unlike ALL Other Lab grown Imitations, Diamond Alternatives and Simulations... Benzgem is Believable

  • Benzgem is the Most Believable and Realistic in its Appearance
  • Benzgem is Singly Refractive, like a Natural Diamond - Sparkles like Natural Diamond
  • Benzgem has Genuine, Fine Diamond Quality Shape, Proportion, Facet Design, Precise Cutting and Polishing
  • Benzgem's Color in the rough, Is a Realistic Cream Tinted White, G-H-I-J Color Range - the Color of 99.% of all Natural Diamonds. The color runs all the way through the jewel, it is not coated to artificially induce color.  The color is 100%, through and through. 
  • Benzgem's G-H-I-J Color Grade, is both Natural and Believable. It's color will match and coordinate with the Diamond Jewelry you already own.



Benzgem by GuyDesign® - Best Diamond Copy in the World
Most Believable Fake Diamond


  • Benzgem combined with our Natural Diamond Semi-mount: will Satisfy your Desire for a Natural Mined Diamond and will have resale value as it is a Diamond Semi-Mount.
  • Benzgem has a Natural and Realistic Clarity, Is Transparent and Eye Clean, Minimum clarity rating SI1 clarity or Better.
  • Our Benzgem Diamond Alternative is produced with our exclusive proprietary process.

I Guarantee... You will Believe you are wearing a Natural Diamond Solitaire.

Benzgem is simply... the Best Diamond Copy In The World...