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3.21 ct. Benzgem: Best G-H-I-J Diamond Quality Imitation: GuyDesign® Straight Baguette Style Engagement Ring: Lab-Grown Diamonds Platinum Jewelry, 10421

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  • 360° Video - 6.50 Ct Emerald Cut Chatham Lab-Grown Blue Sapphire: GuyDesign® Halo & Gemstone Engagement Ring: Mined Pavé Diamonds Custom Platinum Jewelry, 10399
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10421DG.5822212.02021230.122285.2 - GuyDesign®, 9 X 9 Cushion Cut Benzgem Engagement Ring, Lab-Grown Diamonds, Platinum, USA Made
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➨ Bespoke and Made to Order Expressly for You. Look for the Interactive Video and the Benzgem Guarantee below. Matching Wedding Band is available for this Design.

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 Product Description



Bespoke style Available in Round, Oval, Cushion, Asscher, Emerald, Princess, Marquise, Pear, and Heart Shapes.



Customizable Interface is for Viewing various Attributes for this Style only.

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Scroll within The Selection Box up or down.

• Ring Made in the USA and Photographed in Lustrous Platinum.

• Featuring a 3.21 Carat Realistic and Natural Looking Near Colorless Imitation Diamond.

• Semi-Mount Contains 4, GIA Color G-H, VS Clarity, Lab-Grown Tapered Baguette and 14 GIA Color F+, VS Clarity Round Brilliant Diamonds.

• Wedding bands are sold separately and are Designed expressly for use with this Solitaire Ring.

• Wedding Bands can be customized to Contain similar GIA Color G-H, VS Clarity, Lab-Grown Full Cut Diamonds.

• Priced as an Engagement Ring only - Matching Wedding Band Sold Separately, Design# 682221.3.02021230.122286.3.

• Matching Band is designed to contour to this Specific Engagement Ring.

• This Ring style may be available set with other Cushion Shape Semi-precious and Precious Gemstones, both Genuine as well as Lab Grown Selections and Imitations.

Specializing in Luxury for the Luxurious!


the Finest, most Refined imitation Diamond ever Created...

Benzgem is the certified Best Imitation Diamond ever created and is the CLOSEST to any Natural Mined Diamond available on the Market. The combination of 1. Rough Body Color, 2. Its Diamond Quality Cut and, 3. Clarity make it compatible with the natural mined diamond jewelry you already own.

The Center Rough is the #1 Believable signature of the Benzgem Imitation Diamond. The three uncut rough samples are displayed on a white plain piece of copy paper.


  • Left Rough - Equal to Type IIa Mined Diamond, Colorless, Purest – Completely Clear like a pool of cool water.
  • Center Rough, Benzgem, is the most Believable and Realistic - Near Colorless, White – Equal to GIA G-H-I-J Mined Diamond Color Range.
  • Right Rough - Faint Yellow – Equal to GIA K-L-M Mined Diamond Color Range.


Benzgem by GuyDesign® - Best Diamond Copy ever Created. View the Youtube Video of the Benzgem Cushion Shape in Action, Below. Seeing is believing and Benzgem comes with a 60 day money back Guarantee.

 Product Videos

Benzgem by GuyDesign Cushion Cut Fantasy Diamond, Best Sophisticated Imitation G H I J Color Range
  • Benzgem by GuyDesign Cushion Cut Fantasy Diamond, Best Sophisticated Imitation G H I J Color Range
    Jewel is Shown in a Gemstone Clip for Viewing in incandescent ...

 Warranty Information

Benzgem Jewelry has several Guarantees and Warranties that apply.

1. Benzgem - Cut quality Guarantee.
2. Benzgem - Stone Guarantee for a Lifetime.
3. Jewelry Warranty - Gold or Platinum.
4. Benzgem - Best Guarantee in the Business of Jewelry, 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Please see Details of each part of the Warranty under, "Benzgem Warranty and Care" heading.

 Other Details

Best Imitation; Diamond Quality Benzgem:
GIA Equivalent Color: G-H-I-J Near Colorless, White with a Tint
Benzgem Cut Quality to Real Diamond specs.:
Designed, Handcut, and Polished as Real Diamonds are...
Semi-Mount | Setting - Designed, Handcrafted, and Polished:
Made in the USA
Setting | Mounting - Fully Customizable:
Priced in Platinum
Semi-Mount contains:
14 Lab-Grown Real Diamonds, Rounds and Straight Baguettes
Jewelry Product Classification:
Best available in its Class... Best Quality Imitation Solitaire

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