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Comparison of 7 carat Emerald Shape split shank Solitaire Snap Shot with Benzgem Similar Ring Style

comparison-split-shank-emerald-cut-7-carats-1.jpg                                           benzgem-comparison-2.jpg benzgem-comparison-1.jpgBenzgem w/Diamond Semi - Mountbenzgem-comparison-4.jpg

Comparison Regular Retail price on November 5th 2017

  • $5295.00
  • 14K White Gold Construction
  • All Russian Formula CZ
  • Couture Styling
  • 18k - White or Yellow Gold - $6295.00
  • Platinum - $7495.00

Benzgem Regular Retail Price on November 5th 2017

  • $2774.00
  • 14k White Gold Construction
  • Natural Diamond White, 12 x 10mm 7 Carat Benzgem Precision Cut Lab-Created Imitation Diamond Solitaire
  • 104 Precision Cut Genuine Diamonds, GIA, G Color, VS Clarity Natural Diamond Semi-Mount
  • Couture Styling - Bespoke
  • 18k - White, Yellow, or Rose Gold - $3275.17
  • Platinum $3881.17

We have 501 individual Jewelry Designs that will accommodate a 7 Carat Emerald Shape

Benzgem has at least 49 Variations of Split Shank Solitaires for a 7 Carat Emerald Shape, 24 of which are not included here


Benzgem is Clearly the Superior Choice and the best Value, Guaranteed!

  • Benzgem is a Manufacturing Jeweler and Gem Cutter
  • As all Jewelry is made to order, Diamonds, Gold and Platinum are not stocked.
  • Because of this we have low overhead, thus the savings are passed on to you, our valued Client.
  • Benzgem is quite simply, the Most Believable Artificial Diamond in the World, it both looks and feels Real

Benzgem will satisfy your desire for a "Huge Rock" and at the same time you will have a Genuine Diamond semi-mount that has a resale Value... Its a Win, Win!

We are Certain that you will Love the Believable Look of our Benzgem G-H-I-J Color Range imitation Diamond Solitaires that in the Unlikely event you don't, we are offering a no risk, 90 day Money Back Guarantee with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.


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