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Bespoke Jewellery Bracelets

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Fitted or Loose; you now have a choice. Look no further; We Design, Hand Cast, and Set Diamond Bracelets in Any Length, Karat Gold, or Platinum, set with Diamonds of every Size and Shape.
GuyDesign® individual Bracelet links are assembled by hand for Maximum Articulation, thus Maximum Diamond Sparkle. These exceptional design attributes are typically reserved only for bracelets from the Most Luxurious Diamond Houses, Harry Winston, and Cartier, to name a few.

Completely Bespoke, Opulent Custom Jewelry

Our Custom Jewellery is Completely Bespoke GuyDesign® - Ring Collection, Men's Channel Set Band Ring Style 331321, Original Design     GuyDesign® - Band Ring Style 331321, Completely Bespoke - Modified Form Original Design, 5 Diamonds - Modified to 7 Diamonds Small Channel, Original Design - Modified to Larger Channel Original Design, Diamonds Level with Channel - Modified, raised slightly above Channel Original [...]

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Unfounded Belief that Jewelry should retain its original Monetary Value

I'm not exactly sure why Consumers think that Jewelry is supposed to Retain its Original Value when nothing else we purchase will. For the sake of this Article, the word Value represents the Original Retail Price paid for an item. Diamonds are the most Opulent, Luxurious Article that most will ever own. They are [...]

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▭ The Believable and Realistic Diamond Color of 8A Grade Benzgem compared to a $36,000 Diamond Wedding Band

⬪ No B.S. Bling! If you want a Huge Diamond Solitaire but are unwilling to put out the enormous amount of cash required to get it, you have come to the right place. I give you Benzgem Imitation Diamond, the Luxury Alternative. ⬪ Benzgem is a Lab-Grown Imitation by the International Luxury Brand, GuyDesign®, created in [...]

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GuyDesign® has been a Global Luxury Brand Since 2013

Screen Shot 4/8/2020 of GuyDesign® as shown on the WIPO Global Brand Database. *International Global Brands Database Search GuyDesign® GuyDesign® has been a Global Luxury Brand Since 2013... *Address of Original registration of GuyDesign®... 17 Quail Hollow

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▭ Benzgem is the Best, Most Believable and Realistic Imitation Alternative Diamond

  If you Love Big Diamonds but not Big Diamond Prices, Your search for the Best Quality Diamond alternative has led you Here. ...To the Finest, most Believable and Realistic imitation Diamond ever Created... Hand-Cut to Real Diamond specifications, Set with a Real Diamond semi-mount, Bespoke in 14, 18 Karat White, Yellow, Rose Gold, Platinum and We [...]

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What is the difference between a Natural Gem, a Synthetic Gem and an Artificial Gem?

Everything you need to Know about purchasing a beautiful Diamond, Gemstone or Imitation. What exactly is the difference between a Natural Gem, a Synthetic Gem and an Artificial Gem you ask? With the recent advent of Lab-Grown Real Carbon Diamonds being sold in the marketplace, there is plenty of Misinformation and Misuse of Terminology that is meant [...]

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Best Diamond Copy in the World - Benzgem

    I have the Simplest tastes... I am always Satisfied with the Best cit. Oscar Wilde Benzgem is the certified Best Imitation Diamond ever created and is the CLOSEST to any Natural Mined Diamond available on the Market. The combination of Rough Body Color, its Diamond Quality Cut and Clarity make it compatible with the natural mined [...]

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Emerald Cut - 14.22 Carat Benzgem, 224 Designs

Emerald Shape - Krupp Cut 01.77 Carat, Emerald Shape Asscher - 8 X 6 mm. 02.73 Carat, Emerald Shape Asscher - 9 X 7 mm. 03.95 Carat, Emerald Shape Asscher - 10 X 8 mm. 05.50 Carat, Emerald Shape Asscher - 11 X 9 mm. 07.40 Carat, Emerald Shape Asscher - 12 X 10 mm. 08.64 Carat, Emerald Shape Asscher - [...]

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Warmth & Richness of Benzgem; the most Convincing and Believable, Best Imitation Diamond

To understand completely what constitutes a genuine diamond look in an "Imitation", one must begin with its "Body Color" and "Fluorescence", the first step to being believable as a "Real Diamond".   Benzgem Attribute #1, The Underlying Body Color of the Rough; the Foundation for a Believable Alternative Diamond: The first step to Benzgem's Believability is the Foundation, [...]

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