On Custom Jewelry as an Investment?

Posted by Guy Michael Smith on Apr 15th 2019

Is Fine Jewellery an Investment or an Asset? Is Fine Jewellery, made of Platinum and Gold, embellished with Diamonds,Semi-Precious and Precious Gemstones an Investment? Though they can be incredibly … read more

Lab Grown Carbon Diamonds

Posted by Guy Michael Smith on Apr 14th 2019

There is clearly a retail consumer market for Real Diamonds grown in a lab, in fact DeBeers has created a website and is now selling Lab Grown Diamonds. The jury is still out on what affect this … read more

What Makes a Convincing and Believable Alternative to Diamond

Posted by Guy Michael Smith on Mar 18th 2019

  Been waiting for a "Dream Diamond", the wait is over... 30 years in the making, BENZGEM Luxury Brand... the World's Best, Believable and Convincing Alternative to Diamond has Arrived! … read more


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