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▭ The Believable and Realistic Diamond Color of 8A Grade Benzgem compared to a $36,000 Diamond Wedding Band

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⬪ No B.S. Bling! If you want a Huge Diamond Solitaire but are unwilling to put out the enormous amount of cash required to get it, you have come to the right place. I give you Benzgem Imitation Diamond, the Luxury Alternative.

⬪ Benzgem is a Lab-Grown Imitation by the International Luxury Brand, GuyDesign®, created in 2013 for the sole purpose of being the Most Believable and Realistic alternative to Mined Diamonds.

⬪ I cut Benzgem to the Finest Diamond Specifications; after all, the Best Imitation Diamond will Look like a Real Diamond.


Artificial White Imitation to the Left, Believable Benzgem to the Right.


Artificial White Imitation to the Left, Believable Benzgem to the Right.

⬪ For some reason or another, most people believe that their Imitation Diamond Choice has to be void of Yellow, Brown, or Gray body-color to be Believable. Nothing could be further from the truth. Faintest Color Convinces and imparts Believability. Most people buy Real Diamonds with a hint of Color found therein.

⬪ For the sake of demonstration, I have featured My Platinum, 3.88 Carat Channel Set Diamond Wedding Band for this Demonstration.

⬪ To compare apples with apples, every one of the Round shapes in this Video is Hearts & Arrows Rounds displayed on a standard white index card.
1. The Men's Wedding Band features 7 Hearts & Arrows Mined Diamonds, each one exceeding .50 carats, GIA color I [near colorless with the slightest yellow tinge], GIA clarity VS1 for a total of 3.88 Carats.

2. The artificial white Hearts & Arrows Rounds, are 2 Carat Signity Brand Cubic Zirconia. The Swarovski Group of Austria formerly owns Signity.

3. The Not extremely white [near colorless with the slightest yellow tinge] Hearts & Arrows Rounds, are 2 Carat Benzgem Brand Alternative Imitation Diamonds.


Now to the Color Comparison Video:

⬪ Hearts and Arrows Diamonds, by definition, reflect 99% or more of the light entering the stone back to the eye of the observer, thus making a video or photographing them difficult to achieve.
⬪ As you can see in the Video, the H&A rounds to the outside of the artificial white rough CZ are ICY White, no Color at all. In contrast, the Benzgem H&A rounds located near the Wedding Band side of the turntable have a little bit of Color. This bit of Color, along with the highest cutting standard, is what distinguishes Benzgem as the Most Convincing Imitation Diamond ever created.
⬪ You may need to pause the presentation and watch it again. You will notice that the Benzgem body-color mimics the Genuine, Real, Mined from the Ground Diamonds in the Platinum Wedding Band. The Benzgem look naturally more like the Mined Diamonds than the Swarovski Cubic Zirconia does. Please keep in mind many High-End Jewelers carry GIA Color Grade G-H Color, I Color, and J Color Diamonds.
⬪ Make a Wise Choice. Spend money on a Precious metal Setting that has real lasting Value and leave the Bling to Benzgem.

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