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Unfounded Belief that Jewelry should retain its original Monetary Value

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I'm not exactly sure why Consumers think that Jewelry is supposed to Retain its Original Value when nothing else in life does.

Diamonds are the most Opulent, Luxurious Article that most will ever own. They are your Daytime North Star, The most Beautiful sparkle on Earth, and this is the cause of their appeal.

Of all the stuff we buy in our lifetime, nothing has real Value like Gold, Platinum, and Silver. These precious metals are traded commodities with an actual market value as raw metal, which also functions as a consumer product.

Similar to all other industries, Retail Pricing of Jewelry represents an employee's paychecks, the business owner's profit, and All the costs along the industrial pipeline associated with the Producing and Selling of Jewelry.

Anyone who believes that 99.9% of Jewelry purchased is as an Investment is not valid. An Investment, by definition, will at the very minimum Maintain and increase in Value.

There is nothing in this life that consumers will buy that will remain the same Value for which they paid.

The things we as people will purchase or spend money on in our lifetime, Homes, Cars, Clothing, Furniture, Foods, or Services, none of these remain in the Brand New condition we bought them in. Although Jewelry does mostly. Furthermore, will they be valued today the same as for which we paid for them yesterday? No, Homes, if cared for, will hold on to the highest percentage of Monetary Value. Notice I said the highest rate of Value? As one who has paid a mortgage for a house, I know this to be certain.

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GuyDesign® has been a Global Luxury Brand Since 2013

Screen Shot 4/8/2020 of GuyDesign® as shown on the WIPO Global Brand Database. *International Global Brands Database Search GuyDesign® GuyDesign® has been a Global Luxury Brand Since 2013... *Address of Original registration of GuyDesign®... 17 Quail Hollow

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Benzgem... Designed, Hand Cut and Polished as Real Diamonds are!

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The United States Federal Trade Commission Ruling on Man-Made Gemstones

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