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Salon of Fine Things is a family owned and operated business.

  • We proudly served the Greater New Orleans area for 23 years from 1989 through early 2012 in our Luxurious Showroom.
  • We have been proudly serving the internet community since 2008.
  • We currently meet with clients/customers by appointment only - Please see the "Contact Us" page to schedule an appointment. Internet shopping is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • We strive to offer our customers the most unique luxurious items along with the most exceptional personal attention.
  • We are authorized dealers of the product lines we represent.

Specializing in Luxury for the Luxurious!


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GuyDesign® has been a Global Luxury Brand Since 2013...


*Address of Original registration of GuyDesign®... 17 Quail Hollow

We Proudly Feature...

  • The most Natural Looking and luxuriously Soft, Washable Faux Fur - ⬬ Throws, ⬬ Pillows, ⬬ Furniture Accents, & Pet blankets Featured in ⬬ Design Magazines & Premier Resorts!
  • Very Fine Quality, Hand Made, 16th & 17th Century Style, Period Furniture and Mirrors - Heirlooms Today... Tomorrow's Antiques! Styles include
    ⬬ Chinoiserie, Japanned
    ⬬ A Modern Louis
    ⬬ Louis XIII - French Ranaissance - Louis Treize
    ⬬ Louis XIV - French Baroque - Louis Quatorze
    ⬬ French Régence
    ⬬ Louis XV - French Rococo - Louis Quinze
    ⬬ Louis XVI - Marie Antoinette - French Neoclassical - Louis Seize
    ⬬ Napoleon & Josephine - French Empire Style
    ⬬ French Provincial Furniture
    ⬬ French Parisian Furniture, French Royal Furniture
    ⬬ Palace of Versailles Court Furniture
    ⬬ Pagoda Mirror
    ⬬ Palace Wall Mirrors
    ⬬ English & American Furniture
    ⬬ Chinese Chippendale
    ⬬ George Hepplewhite
    ⬬ Thomas Chippendale
    ⬬ Thomas Sheraton
    ⬬ Robert & James Adam
    ⬬ Regency
    ⬬ Early American
    ⬬ Federal
    ⬬ Duncan Phyfe
    ⬬ Empire.

  • Fine Fabrics and Materials for Period Furniture
    ⬬ Damask
    ⬬ Velvet
    ⬬ Chenille
    ⬬ Leather Fabrics 
    ⬬ Finely Finished Marble Slabs
    ⬬ Glass Tops 
    ⬬ Leather Surface Inlay 
    ⬬ Wood Inlay - Marquetry and Parquetry 
    ⬬ Heirloom Quality Hardwood Furniture.

  • Furniture Styles
    ⬬ Chairs | Seating; Bench, Foot Stool, Ottoman, Tub Chair, Chairs with Cane Back, Cane Seat, Stretchers, Bergere chairs, Fauteuil chair, Arm chairs, Dining chair, Side chair, Accent chairs, Desk chair, Boudior chair, Fireside chair.
    ⬬ Sofa | Seatings; Canape, 3 Seater, 2 Seater, Settee, Love Seat.
    ⬬ Tables; Entry Center table, Hall Console, Bedside, End, Lamp, Cocktail, Coffee and Tea Tables, Bijouterie Display Table, Gaming Table, Breakfast Table, Round, Oval and Rectangular Dining Tables.
    ⬬ Chests; Commode, Nightstand, Chest of Drawers, Lingerie Chest, Bombe Chest, Dresser, Entry Chest, Boulle Chest, Chiffonier.
    ⬬ Desk; Writing Desk, Secretary, Bureau Plat.
    ⬬ Beds, Twin, Standard, Queen, King, Canopy, Tester Bed.
    ⬬ Book Case, Cabinets, TV Console, Entertainment Center. 
    ⬬ Room Dividers, Dressing Screens. 
    ⬬ Wardrobe Cabinet, Armoire. 
    ⬬ Art Easel,
    ⬬ Shabby Chic Style Furnishings.

  • Very fine European Tapestries
    ⬬ Rods
    ⬬ Finials
    ⬬ Tassels

  • Chandeliers & Sconces of Crystal, Bronze, Wrought Iron & Wood
    ⬬ Scholer Crystal
    ⬬ Heritage Hand Cut
    ⬬ Czech | Bohemian Crystal
    ⬬ The World's Best Leaded Crystal
    ⬬ Preciosa 30% PbO
    ⬬ Swarovski Strass 33% PbO - Made in Austria
    ⬬ Wrought Iron Chandeliers with Wood Drops and Swags
    ⬬ Wrought Iron Wall Bracket Sconce with Wood Drops and Swags

  • Imperial Brand French & Flemish Style Clocks & Candelabra, Garniture Sets
    ⬬ Marble & Bronze Ormolu 
    ⬬ Porcelain & Brass Ormolu
    ⬬ Onyx
    ⬬ Malachite
    ⬬ Semi-Precious Gemstone, Lapis Lasuli
    ⬬ Trimmed with or Without Crystal Drops
    ⬬ Floor Standing Candelabrum
    ⬬ Candelabra Pair
    ⬬ Individual Clocks
    ⬬ Clock and Candelabra | Garniture Sets.

  • Drama Bevel Mirror Collection
    ⬬ 1 & 1/2 inch Bevel width Glass Mirror
    ⬬ Wide to Oversize Frames
    ⬬ Massive Palace Size
    ⬬ Leaning Mirrors
    ⬬ Pier Mirrors
    ⬬ French Louis Styles from the Renaissance and Baroque Periods
    ⬬ Simple elegant versions also in Pine, Black and Gold, Soft Silver...

  • Architectural Accents
    ⬬ Bed Crowns
    ⬬ Pull Backs
    ⬬ Over Door and Window Pediments
    ⬬ Vintage Style Reliefs
    ⬬ Ceiling Medallions
    ⬬ All Mirror Styles
    ⬬ Chinese Chippendale Mirrors as seen in Design Magazines
    ⬬ Girandole Mirror Taper Candle wall Sconces
    ⬬ Custom finishes, Premium Metallics in Gold, Silver and Copper
    ⬬ Blended, Painted styles, Benjamin Moore Interior Paint Colors, in Flat, Eggshell, Satin, Semi Gloss and Gloss Premium finishes.

  • Gilt Bronze Ormolu - What is it?

    Many of our styles employ Gilt Bronze or brass Ormolu. Ormolu was first produced in France in mid-17th Century. During the reign of The Sun King, Louis XIV, Gilt Bronze Ormolu Mounts were used in abundance. Opulence was the order of the day and porcelain wares were En Vogue.

    Gilt Brass Ormolu, Gilt Bronze Ormolu or “Doré Bronze“ as is commonly referred to, is used today in the same manner - as fashionable decorative embellishments - the mark of fine quality craftsmanship. These embellishments were traditionally reserved for only the costliest Chinese & European wares and the finest European furnishings.

                                                              Tomorrow's Antiques... Today!

    Originally the Doré Gilding Technique was that of applying Genuine Gold to decorative metals especially of Cast Brass, Copper or Bronze. The metal object was then coated with an amalgam consisting of High Karat gold and mercury. The mercury portion of the coating was then burnt off in a Kiln, leaving behind a gleaming Gold coating.

    Unfortunately, Due to Mercury exposure, the average life span of the Gilder was about 40 years. In 1830, French Legislators in Europe outlawed the use of Mercury amalgam altogether: although in 1900 it was still commonly employed and the practice was still in use up till 1960 in a handful of Studios.

  • Luxurious Home Décor - The Most exquisite Collections of Luxury Chinese Porcelain - Classically Style Decorative accents that will remain Classic for a Lifetime.
    ⬬ Trophy Cups, Vase
    ⬬ Jars, Covered Urns
    ⬬ Ashtrays
    ⬬ Cake Plates, Pastry Display
    ⬬ Dishes, Basins, Bowls, Transferware, Plates
    ⬬ Epergne, Centerpiece
    ⬬ Vanity Pieces, Wastebaskets, Lotion|Soap Dispenser, Boutique Tissue Cover in Porcelain & Ormolu,
    ⬬ Photo Frames in Wood or Art Deco Mirror Tiles
    ⬬ Planters, Cache Pots, Chinese Fish Bowls
    ⬬ Serving Pieces
    ⬬ Umbrella Stands, Umbrella Storage
    ⬬ Plant Stands, Columns, Pedestals
    ⬬ Garden Seats, Barrel Stools
    ⬬ Egg Centerpiece
    ⬬ Decanters, Glassware
    ⬬ Candle Holders, Floor Standing Candelabrum, Clock and Candelabra Garniture Sets.
    ⬬ Girandole Mirrors, Palace of Versailles Styles.

  • Luxuries for the pampered Dog or Cat
    ⬬ Pet Beds in Mahogany or Wrought Iron
    ⬬ Faux Fur Blankets | Loungers
    ⬬ Gold or Platinum Necklaces set with Mined from the Ground or Man-Made Gems

  • Finest Quality Custom Jewelry made for Diamond, Substantial Settings of Karat Gold and Platinum. Designed, Hand Made and Polished in the USA.

    Get Customized Jewellery settings of Precious Metals;
    ⬬ 14k, 18,
    ⬬ White, Yellow, Rose, Two-Tone
    ⬬ Gold and Platinum

  • Genuine, traditionally mined from the Earth natural Diamonds and Real Carbon Man Made ECO Diamonds.

    ⬬ Our Traditional and Conflict Free Diamonds are sourced from Africa, Australia, Russia, Brazil, and Canada.
    ⬬ Each Certified mined diamond comes with a Grading Report from one of several Prestigious, Internationally recognized Gem Laboratories, i.e. GIA.
    ⬬ These Certificate Diamonds qualify for our Lifetime Trade Up Program.

    ⬬ Our Man-Made, 100% Elemental Carbon, Formula (C) Gem Diamonds, ECO Diamonds, are produced in a controlled Laboratory setting.
    ⬬ The Real Diamonds made here are generally purer than those found in Nature and command a Smaller Premium than Diamonds mined from the Ground. ⬬ These Certificate ECO Diamonds also qualify for our Lifetime Trade Up Program.

  • Our Lines of Precious & Semi-Precious Gemstones are quite extensive. Our Gem offerings consist of every Colour, Hue, Intensity and Shape imaginable. We Feature Gems, both Naturally mined from the Earth and Lab-Grown Varieties.

    Our Brands include, but are not limited to:

    ⬬ Benzgem Brand Lab-Grown Gems & Luxury Imitation Diamonds
    ⬬ Swarovski Brand, Mined from the Ground and Created Gems
    ⬬ Chatham Brand Created Gems
    ⬬ Paspaley Pearling Company

    We Carry the following Semi-Precious & Precious Gems: [short list]

    ⬬ Aquamarine
    ⬬ Emerald - Colombian
    ⬬ Alexandrite
    ⬬ Sapphire - all colors - Ceylon Colour
    ⬬ Ruby - Burmese Colour 
    ⬬ Pearl - South Sea - Paspaley

  • Benzgem Brand Lab-Grown Gems & Best Quality, Luxury Imitation Diamonds.
    Just as in 1885 Karl Friedrich Benz* Invented the first true Automobile, I have created the first true Diamond Alternative.
    ⬬ Second only to Diamond, Benzgem is the Epitome of a World Class Diamond; Benzgem is physically Believable and Realistic as a Diamond.

    ⬬ Benzgem's color is that of a Real Diamond: G-H-I-J Range, Near Colorless White.
    ⬬ Benzgem is Exclusively Set in Jewellery settings made for genuine Diamonds, furthermore, Benzgem will match and coordinate with the Genuine Diamonds you already own.

                                                                                                With Benzgem, You will Feel and Experience
                                                                                                         the Opulence of wearing a Genuine, mined

                                                                                                              *Mercedes Benz is a registered Trademark of Daimler AG

Happy Shopping,

Guy Michael & Cindy