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Topaz Available - 14 Genuine Color Variations

 • Honey Topaz • Poppy Topaz  • Paraiba Color Topaz  • Pink Topaz  • Rainforest Topaz  • White Topaz  • Green Mystic Topaz  • Baby Pink Topaz  • Ice Blue Topaz  • Swiss Blue Topaz  • London Blue Topaz  • Sunrise Mystic Topaz  • Sky Blue Topaz  • Pure Pink Topaz

Topaz Available - 9 Shapes

 • Round Shape Topaz • Oval Shape Topaz • Cushion Shape Topaz • Antique Square Shape Topaz • Cut Corner Asscher Square Topaz • Emerald Shape Topaz • Oval Shape Topaz • Pear Shape Topaz • Marquise Shape Topaz • Princess Topaz

882 Separate Combinations

There are Currently 14 Separate Colors, 9 Separate shapes, 6 Separate Karat and Gold Colors, Platinum, for a total of 882 Gemstone colors, shapes, and Precious Metal Combinations.

Listings are Limited - All Topaz options are Available for Purchase

We are Certain that you will Love the Believable Look of our Benzgem G-H-I-J Color Range imitation Diamond Solitaires that in the Unlikely event you don't, we are offering a no risk, 90 day Money Back Guarantee with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.


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