Frequently Asked Questions

What Differentiates Benzgem from other Imitations & Simulants?

  1. Unlike the Others, Benzgem's Color is in the rough; it is not an amorphous coating or plating. The rough is a Realistic White, tinted in the G-H-I-J Color Range - THE Color of 95.% of all Natural Mined Diamonds
  2. Each Jewel is handled in the same fashion as its Genuine Counterpart resulting in an eminently credible Benzgem; Designed, Hand Cut, and Polished as Real Diamonds are.
  3. Like all Genuine Natural Diamonds, each Benzgem is Singly Refractive, and therefore, Sparkle like Natural Diamonds.
  4. Innovative, Exquisite, and Exclusive, Benzgem is THE closest to any Genuine Mined Diamond available on the market
  5. Emerald Shape Diamonds Rarely Look this Beautiful, The Scintillation is Truly Extraordinary


What are the Benefits of owning a Benzgem?

  1. Benzgem was created Exclusively by GuyDesign® for the sole purpose of being the Most Believable and Realistic Alternative to a Mined Diamond.
  2. You will Feel and Experience the Opulence of wearing a Genuine, Natural, Mined "Rock"
  3. Designed, Hand Cut, and Polished as Real Diamonds are. Sparkle under low Light, 2.85 Carat Pear Shape Benzgem


Love the sparkle, but what is the Advantage of Benzgem's G-H-I-J Color?

  • The main advantage is the Natural and Believable Diamond look it imparts.
  • The other diamond simulations have either an artificial bluish fluorescence as in cz [Colorless cz is two or more shades Whiter than the Whitest Diamond grade of "D", Colorless. "D" is the Rarest and Most Expensive Diamond Colorless White occuring 1 in every 100000 Carats].
  • Or too green or too yellow tint of the moissanite.
  • Benzgem G-H-I-J Color Range Jewels remain the same color whether indoors or out. No Fluorescence.
  • Garish Artificial Blue Fluorescence? Not to be found contained within this Sensational, 3.81 Carat Quadrillion, Princess Cut Benzgem. Kissed by the Sun, it is the Best Diamond Copy in the World...





Benzgem by GuyDesign® - Best Diamond Copy in the World
Most Believable Fake Diamond


I already own Diamonds. How do I know Benzgem will Match what I already have?

  • I Guarantee it... Benzgem's G-H-I-J Color Grade, is both Natural and Believable.
  • It's color will match and coordinate with the Diamond Jewelry you already own.
  • Benzgem's Clarity is SI1 [clean to the naked eye] or better.
  • Beautiful Benzgem, 4.50 Carat, 73 facet Asscher Cut Sparkle distinctly in the Sunlight


That all sounds well and good, what if I need ring sizing or repair?

  • Benzgem combined with our Natural Diamond Semi-mount is completely serviceable.
  • Sizing and any repair work can be performed without removing all of the diamonds in the Semi Mount.
  • Removal of stones is standard procedure, as a result, most Artificial Diamond jewelry remain unused and in a state of disrepair.


I've noticed the Use of Genuine Natural Diamond Semi-Mount, why is this so?

  • We believe the Most Believable Fake Diamond in the world is so deserving of a Genuine Natural Diamond Semi-Mount.
  • This arrangement will Satisfy Your Desire for a Natural Mined Diamond with the added benefit of not having to wait for that Great Big Dream Diamond You've always wanted. It really is a small price to pay for a Dream Come True.
  • In the future should you grow out of Your Benzgem, your Genuine Diamond Semi-Mount, like all diamond jewelry, has a resale value. Sounds like a win to me!


Is there a Sample available?

  • This Jewel is too Expensive to give away as a free Sample. Please see the top of this Store Page for BENZGEM SAMPLE. You will find all that You request, here.


I've noticed Made to Order Jewelry Available for Purchase but did not see a Loose Stone Purchase Option; Are Loose Stones available for Purchase?

  • Due to high demand, we are giving this request special consideration.
  • Allowing them for purchase Loose was not our intention as our Benzgem by GuyDesign® Jewels are very special.
  • The Individual Jewel stones are very pricey alone. Our Wish was to create beautiful Fantasy Jewelry for You, Dream Jewelry actually.


I am looking for a Specific kind of Jewelry Piece that I do not see in Your Store?

Individual Listings take time to create as each jewelry item is Made to Order in the Following:

  • 14 Karat White, Yellow or Rose Gold.
  • 18 Karat White, Yellow, or Rose.
  • Platinum


What Happened to all the Luxury Home Décor you once had for Purchase?


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Comments or Questions?

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