Asscher, Square: G-H-I-J Natural Look

Unlike ALL Other Lab grown Imitations - Diamond Simulations:

  1. Genuine Diamond Quality Shape, Faceting, and body Color
  2. Benzgem is Singly Refractive - Sparkles like a Natural Diamond,
  3. Is Tinted White - the Color of 99.99% of all Natural Diamonds,
  4. G-H-I-J Natural Color White with a Cream Tint
  5. Most Beautiful,
  6. Realistic in Appearance,
  7. Natural and Realistic G-H-I-J Color Grade, matches and coordinates with the Diamond Jewelry you already own.
  8. Natural and Realistic Clarity, Transparent and Eye Clean, SI1 clarity or Better.

I Guarantee, You will Believe you are wearing a Natural Asscher Diamond Solitaire.

Benzgem is simply... the Best Diamond Copy In The World

Guy Michael Smith

    I have the Simplest tastes...

I am always Satisfied with the Best

cit. Oscar Wilde


Your Life lived... Fabulously!

May all Your Diamond Wishes and Jewelry Dreams come True...


Guy Michael Smith

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