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⯌ Opulent, bespoke Jewelry Options

⯌ Opulent, bespoke Jewelry Options


➨ Precious Metal Options:

      • 10 Karat Yellow Gold
      • 10 Karat Rose Gold
      • 10 Karat White Gold
      • 14 Karat Yellow Gold
      • 14 Karat Yellow & White Gold
      • 14 Karat Rose Gold
      • 14 Karat Rose & White Gold
      • 14 Karat White Gold
      • 18 Karat Yellow Gold
      • 18 Karat Yellow & White Gold
      • 18 Karat Rose Gold
      • 18 Karat Rose & White Gold
      • 18 Karat White Gold
      • 18 Karat Yellow Gold & Platinum
      • 18 Karat Rose Gold & Platinum
      • Platinum

➨ GuyDesign® Jewelry can be Modified:

      • Benefit #1. Mined Diamond semi-mount can be exchanged with a Lab-Grown Diamond semi-mount.
      • Benefit #2. Semi-mount Diamonds can be increased or Reduced in size.
      • Benefit #3. Center Gem can be Increased in Size or Reduced.
      • Benefit #4. Center Gem Shape can be replaced with Another Shape.
      • Benefit #5. Suit your jewelry to your personality, Have a colored Center Stone.
      • Benefit #6. Best Lab-Grown and Mined Gemstones Available.
      • Benefit #7. Create a Custom piece that is Tailored exactly to your Liking

➨ Where Applicable, Priced with BENZGEM Near Colorless IMITATION DIAMOND Center, G-H-I-J Color Range:

      • Benefit #1. Like a Real Diamond, Benzgem Rough contains yellow.
      • Benefit #2. Benzgem is cut to the Best Diamond Specifications.
      • Benefit #3. Plenty of Sparkle, Round shapes are Ideal Cut.
      • Benefit #4. Benzgem appears Believable and Genuine in any Shape and Size.
      • Benefit #5. Does not Fluoresce under Sunlight or Indoors.
      • Benefit #6. No Blue Glow - Looks Natural and Believable.
      • Benefit #7. Benzgem Brand Imitation Diamonds are your Best Value in Imitation Diamonds.
      • Benefit #8. Benzgem is Offered as a Believable, Lower cost Alternative to Lab-Grown and Mined Diamonds.
      • Best Benefit of All ➨ Benzgem will match the Real Diamonds you already Own.


      • Benefit #1. Rare Type IIa Body Color.
      • Benefit #2. Each stone Stamped with the Swarovski Branded logo.
      • Benefit #3. Plenty of Sparkle in the Round Shape.
      • Disadvantage #1. Can appear Artificial as the Rough contains no Yellow.
      • Disadvantage #2. Is Noticeably WHITER than most Genuine Diamonds.
      • Disadvantage #3. Best in Small Round Shapes only, Fancy Shapes look Artificial.
      • Disadvantage #4. Glows blue under Sunlight and Fluorescent Light.

➨ Option #3 Colorless to Near Colorless Lab Grown DIAMOND:

      • Benefit #1. 100% Carbon Diamond.
      • Benefit #2. Real, Genuine Diamonds, Grown in a Lab.
      • Benefit #3. Large Diamonds retail for about 15% to 20% less than Mined Diamonds.
      • Benefit #4. F-G Color, Ranging from Colorless to tinted White.
      • Benefit #5. VS1-VS2 Clarity, Very slightly Include, Clean to the naked Eye and Transparent.
      • Benefit #6. Finer Diamonds are Graded using the same criteria [The 4 C's] as Mined Diamonds.
      • Benefit #7. For those who Desire Real Diamonds, It is your BEST Diamond Value.

➨ Option #4 Colorless to Near Colorless Mined DIAMOND:

      • Benefit #1. Mined from the Ground.
      • Benefit #2. The youngest recorded Mined Diamond is 500 Million Years old with the oldest being Several Billion Years old.
      • Benefit #2. Real & Natural Diamond are made by Mother Earth.
      • Benefit #3. DEF-GH Color, Ranging from Colorless to tinted White.
      • Benefit #4. Minimum Recommended Clarity SI1, Reasonably Priced, Slightly Included, Clean to the naked Eye and Transparent.
      • Benefit #5. VS1-VS2 Clarity, Very slightly Included, Clean to the naked Eye and Transparent.

***SI1, VS2, VS1, VVS2, VVS1, IF, FL clarity grades of Mined Diamonds are found at Your Finer Jewelry Salons, Upscale Design Houses, and High End Department Stores.

      • Disadvantage #1. Not Recommended in Clarities SI2, I1, I2, I3. Slightly Included to Included, Unclean to the Naked Eye, Nontransparent to Frosty in appearance.

***This clarity grade of Promotional Diamonds are Found in lesser Quality Jewelry / Department Stores and are always "On Sale", marked up to be "Discounted" later.

      • Disadvantage #2. Diamonds are Not an Investment. The Diamonds that 99.9% of Consumers purchase are classed as Luxury Consumer Goods and do not fall within the strict Standards and guidelines of an Investment Diamond.

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