• The Art of Brilliance

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The optical effects that are most prized in diamonds are: Brilliance, Dispersion, and Scintillation.

  1. Brilliance is the total amount of white light returned to the eye by reflections within the Gem and from its surface.
  2. Dispersion, or Fire, is the separating of light into its component, spectral colors or hues.
  3. Scintillation is the sparkling of external and internal facet reflections seen as the Jewel, the Light source, or the observer moves.

These 3 combined attributes, the work of the gem cutter, are spectacular results of the Human contribution to a Gemstone's beauty, i.e., they can only be as good as the Cut of the gem.

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We Design, Cut and Polish our own Benzgem Brand Jewelry Stones that include Lab Created Colored Stones, Our own Moissanite (Large Sizes with a Diamond Quality Cut, of course), and the G-H-I-J Natural Diamond Color Range simulated Diamond. The OTHERS purchase previously cut Jewelry stones from a WHOLESALER or VENDOR and have no control over their manufacture.


The Art of Brilliance?

  1. When light strikes the surface of a gem, part of it is reflected immediately (from off the surface) and part of it enters the stone (the interior, the body of the gem).
  2. The portion of Light reflected from the surface is the External component of Brilliance.
  3. Cutters of Genuine Gemstones try to fashion gems so that the back facets (Inner Facets, Bottom Facets) create an internal mirror effect, reflecting light that enters in from above to bounce from one side of the interior of the gem, to the other, then bounce back out through the top to the Eye of the Observer.
  4. This process of Light behavior is referred to as Total Internal Reflection.
  5. This is the Internal component of Brilliance; it is largely responsible for the BRIGHTNESS and "Life" of the stone.



  1. Dispersion, or Fire, is the separating of light into its component, spectral colors or hues.
  2. Crystal Prisms produce the most familiar examples of Dispersion.
  3. Diamonds are more dispersive than most gems, and when the rainbow colors are observed, most mistake this rainbow effect as what is referred to as the color of the stone (the bodycolor).


Refractive Index is Referred to a lot, What is its significance?

    1. All transparent and semi-transparent substances have a Refractive Index. An Index of Refraction is a scientific, dimensionless number that describes how light moves thru a specific Substance.
    2. The Refractive Index determines to what degree light is bent, or refracted, when entering a material.light-refracting-through-plate-glass..png
    3. For Example, the Refractive Index for Water is 1.33, for Window Glass is 1.52, and, for Diamond is 2.42.
    4. Utilizing the Science of Optics (Science of Light Behavior); the refracted light (Bent Light) of a specific gemstone determine the angle (degrees) each facet is placed on any given gemstone.
    5. Using the appropriate cutting angles, based on the Refractive Index, ensures the greatest Light Return, resulting in the most BRILLIANT Gemstone.angles-for-faceting-determined-by-index-of-refraction.jpg


As the above information Demonstrates, Light return is maximized with the best Cutting. The Quality of Cutting contribute the most to a Gemstone's Opulent beauty.

    1. Unlike all others, I insist that each and every Jewel is handled in the same fashion as its Genuine Counterpart resulting in the eminently credible Benzgem; Designed, Hand Cut, and Polished as Real Diamonds and Precious Gems are.
    2. I created the Benzgem Brand for the sole purpose of being the Most Believable and Realistic Alternative to Genuine Mined Diamonds and Precious Gemstones.
    3. Like all Genuine Natural Diamonds, each Benzgem is Singly Refractive, and therefore, Sparkle like Natural Diamonds. Benzgem's luster, like diamond, is Adamantine, Benzgem is Tough, its Hardness is below 9.00 (Mohs hardness rating for a steel hammer is 6.50. Diamonds can cut into a steel hammer, but a hammer is Tough and can crush a diamond. Do not confuse Hardness with Toughness. Moissanite and Diamond can both fracture).
    4. I have the knowledge to transform any Lab Created gemstone and apply the best Possible Genuine Diamond Cut, as though it were mined from the ground. You will know you are getting More with a Benzgem Lab-Grown Gem.
    5. Other facet designs, however, will not appear to be Genuine; they are always glassy. You have never seen a Pear Shape or Marquise Cut imitation diamonds look as though it were genuine. Benzgem's Facet (Cutting) design however, guarantees it is the same as Genuine Diamond.
      • Designed, Cut, and Polished as Real Diamonds are. Sparkle under low Light, 2.85 Carat Pear Shape Benzgem with Diamond Color and Excellent Diamond Cut

  1. Charles & Colvard have devised their own cutting style that actually creates far more Fire (Overly Colorful Dispersion) in their Gemstones. When comparing their Moissanite to Diamond, side by side, their Moissanite looks nothing like Diamond.
  2. We do not add facets, nor take them away from any Benzgem, Each Jewel is handled in the same fashion as its Best Genuine Counterpart.
  3. With Benzgem, You will Feel and Experience the Opulence of wearing a Genuine, Natural, Mined "Rock"


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