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What is a Natural Gemstone?

As opposed to Man-Made, A natural gemstone exists and is formed by nature, being and growing spontaneously, without being tended to by human hands.

Genuine, Real Gemstone?

A genuine, real gemstone is naturally created by natural elements and processes found in Nature. (it is not counterfeit, artificial, or imitation)

Imitation Gemstone?

There are genuine gems and there are also materials that simply look like natural Genuine Gems. These products are called simulants or Imitations, and can be either natural or Manmade. Diamond Substitute is an older term describing the same thing.

Examples of Simulated Diamonds are as Follows:

  • Synthetic Rutile, popular diamond simulant in the 1940s. Nearly colorless with a slightly yellowish tint.
  • Strontium Titanate, popular diamond simulant in the 1950s. Colorless, however, its dispersion (the optical property that creates fire in a faceted gemstone) is over four times greater than Genuine Diamond.
  • In the 1960s, yttrium aluminum garnet (YAG) and its “cousin” gadolinium gallium garnet (GGG) joined classic diamond simulants like Glass - Paste, Natural Zircon, and colorless synthetic spinel.

Natural Diamond and Synthetic Rutile

Natural diamond (left), and various diamond simulants: (inner left to right) synthetic rutile, gadolinium gallium garnet (or GGG), synthetic spinel, strontium titanate, synthetic corundum, yittrium aluminum garnet (or YAG), and colorless zircon.


  • 1970s thru 1990s to Present, Cubic Zirconia (cz) was originally discovered as a natural mineral in 1937. It is produced commercially in a Colorless Variety with a blue glow (undertone). Similar in to the Very Rarified Type IIa Diamond Color.

As of 2016 Synthetic Cubic Zirconia is produced in a Natural Diamond Color Range of G-H-I-J Near Colorless exclusive to Benzgem by GuyDesign.
Benzgem is clearly the most Believable and realistic Simulated Diamond, the Best and Believable alternative to Genuine.

  • 15 Carat Emerald Cut Benzgem in Video is G-H-I-J Color Range, White Face Up. Shown in Incandescent Light,
  • Next in iPhone Spot Light,
  • Then in Sunlight [G-H-I-J color Range can be clearly visibly with a slight yellow tinge, unlike the usual blue glow found in all colorless CZ] and
  • Finally Sparkles in the dimmest light, the flawless cut features can be best appreciated in this Light


  • Introduced in the Late 1990s, Synthetic Moissanite is the newest diamond simulant on the block. Its main benefit lies in its hardness. The main drawback of this stone is its green undertone, Undefined brilliance, extreme fire and price.


Photo of a Very Large Moissanite. Notice the Overall Blurred appearance of this stone. This is double refraction in action. Diamonds, Most Imitation Diamonds, and Glass, are all Singly refractive, thus more Diamond like.

Natural diamond and synthetic moissanite

Natural diamond (left), and (inner left to right), laboratory grown moissanite in the near colorless to greenish range.

A gemstone described as Created, Lab-Grown, or Cultured are all Synthetic

A synthetic gemstone is Processed [Made] by man of naturally occurring elements and ingredients, and is identical to a Natural, Genuine, Gemstone in almost every way.

  • This includes the same basic crystal structure,
  • Refractive index, Optical properties,
  • Specific gravity,
  • Physical properties,
  • Chemical composition,
  • Colors, and other characteristics.

Because of their natural ingredients, Synthetic Gemstones are Real Gem Material, combined with Human assistance and therefore cannot be genuine. It is sometimes even possible for a Gemologist to be puzzled as to whether or not a stone is Genuine or Synthetic, Since the same gemological tests are used for stone identification on both natural and synthetic gems. Only minor internal characteristics allow separation of a Synthetic Gemstone from a Genuine Gemstone.


Although Synthetic Sapphire Rough Material is inexpensive relative to Genuine Sapphire, This Man Made Blue Sapphire is truly Stunning. Only Spending several thousand dollars for this 6 and 1/2 Carat Synthetic Sapphire, you will never miss the tens of thousands one would normally spend for a Natural, Genuine Sapphire.

We are Confident that you will Love the Realistic and fabulously Believable Look of your Benzgem G-H-I-J Color Range imitation Diamond Solitaire that we are offering a 30 day Money Back Guarantee.


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