Turquoise, Loose Gemstones

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Turquoise, Loose Gemstones
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Natural Gemstone:
⚜️ Created by Mother Earth, Mined from the Ground

➨ Turquoise Gemstones

With 187,000 design Options - It is impossible for us to Create Individual Listings for Every Possible Combination of Gem Shape, Gemstone and Precious Metal. The Following is a Listing of all Available Gemstones. Benzgem Jewels are not represented here as they are exclusively ours and are not stocked. Each Benzgem is Made to Order.

➨ Be sure to Click on [Calibrated Cabochon "Shop Now"], then scroll down to Turquoise.

Benzgem Jewelry has several Guarantees and Warranties that apply. 1. Benzgem - Cut quality Guarantee. 2. Benzgem - Stone Guarantee for a Lifetime. 3. Jewelry Warranty - Gold or Platinum. 4. Benzgem - Best Guarantee in the Business of Jewelry, 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. Please see Details of each part of the Warranty under, "Benzgem Warranty and Care" heading.