➨ Value Comparison; Should you buy diamond or an Imitation?


Let's take an honest look at the real differences there are to choose or not to choose a natural diamond Semi-Mount.


because of Benzgem's Genuine Diamond Qualities; Its Cut & Natural Diamond Color; Benzgem is only set in Jewellery Settings designed for Natural Diamonds as Benzgem is only paired with another Benzgem, a Lab-Grown or Mined Diamond.


The following ring will serve as our example:




This fabulous ring comes in 7 Center Shapes, dozens of carat weights, Benzgem Alternative Diamond, moissanite, and numerous precious and semi-precious gems.

Let us compare our Prince of Wales Ring Design set with a 4 Carat Emerald Shape  G-H Diamond Color Benzgem.

The following info will demonstrate how little the difference with regard to price, a ring of identical quality will cost when set with the best quality, genuine, g+ color, vs clarity diamonds as in Ring #1 or with good quality Swarovski Brand imitations as in Ring #2

 Ring #1 and #2 are both Designed, Handmade and Finished in the United States, and feature a Emerald Shape, genuine Diamond Color Benzgem of 4 carats.

 Ring #1 and #2 are both identical weights of Gold, and all things being equal.

Finished value of Ring #1 with a Genuine Diamond Semi-mount... $3,769.00

Finished value of Ring #2 with a Swarovski Brand cz Semi-mount... $2,560.00

The significant difference between both of the rings are #2 is still a costume piece of Jewelry. #1 costs $1,209.00 more and is a Genuine Diamond Ring. 



Because of the high cost of hand cutting & producing Benzgem rough, Benzgem is only available in Solitaire Sizes at $150.00 per Carat. Although not recommended, Should you choose small round Cubic Zirconia instead of natural diamonds for your Semi-Mount, we only utilize Swarovski Brand pure brilliance CZ. Swarovski is quite brilliant although its body color is too colorless to be convincing as a Genuine Diamond [Swarovski rough has no body color at all and tends to glow pale blue in the Sunlight and under fluorescent lighting. However, both Diamond and Benzgem in the G-H, I, and J color ranges have a trace of yellow and do not glow pale blue].  Because of the Benzgem Solitaire's body color, should you choose a Swarovski CZ semi-mount, your Benzgem center stone will contrast with Swarovski's colorlessness making your ring more convincing as a "Diamond" ring.


#1 Ring, Features and Components of the
Diamond Ring
#2 Ring, Features and Components of the
Swarovski Imitation Diamond Ring
Designed, Hand made and Set in the USA Designed, Hand made and Set in the USA
$3,769.00 on 2-18-2019 $2,560.00 on 2-18-2019
14 Karat, Two-Tone White and Yellow Gold 14 Karat, Two-Tone White and Yellow Gold
Jewelry Setting/Mount $1,117.14 Jewelry Setting/Mount $1,117.14
84 Genuine, Fully Faceted [no single cuts]
Near Colorless G+ Color, VS Clarity, Mined
from the Ground Diamonds.$1,650.00

84 Colorless, Bluish Fluorescence CZs $441.00
Stone Setting Costs $607.44 Stone Setting Costs $607.44
Benzgem Near Colorless Emerald Cut
Solitaire $395.00
Benzgem Near Colorless Emerald Cut
Solitaire $395.00
Can be Repaired and sized
Diamonds take the heat of torching
Difficulty repairing and sizing,
cz's can burst when torched.
Ring Classification - Diamond Semi-Mount,
a Diamond Ring
Ring Classification - Costume Jewelry

As seen in the above Comparison there is not much of a Price difference between the "Diamond" ring and the "Costume" one. The Diamond Semi-Mount is hands down, the Better Value. The Gold Mounting and the Stone setting costs are the same and the diamond ring is completely serviceable. As an added bonus, this Setting has a matching, contoured diamond wedding band.

This is truly the easiest way to afford the best diamonds. A 4 carat Solitaire Emerald cut Diamond sells for about $59,000.00. With a Benzgem; You will truly Feel and Experience the Opulence of wearing a genuine "Diamond".


• We Carry Colorless, Near Colorless and Faint Yellow Benzgem. • The Central Rough - Near Colorless is our preferred Color as it is White enough but still looks Real. • You should know that large Carat sizes and shapes other than Round tend to exhibit the exact color of the rough. Tiny round stones always look white. Near Colorless Benzgem Jewels look the same in the Sunlight and Artificial Light. • This G-H-I-J color range provides Slight Contrast between the Color of the Benzgem Solitaire and the Natural round Diamond Semi-mount. • Because of this slight contrast in color, Benzgem never tries to look like a Million dollar Diamond. • It is rather content to be Beautiful, Wearable and appear Believable and Realistic in the G-H, I, and J colors.