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Very Important! Please follow these Instructions.


This Jewelry Designer interface is provided for your Convenience and for customizing individual Jewelry Features, This interface reflects the bulk of our actual Jewelry Mountings shown with Gems set in place, these do not account for Benzgem Brand Genuine and Man Made Gemstones.

GuyDesign Jewelry is Designed, Cast, Polished and finished in the USA.


With 187,000 design Options - It is impossible for us to Create Individual Listings for Every Possible Combination of Gem Shape, Gemstone and Precious Metal. The following Interface will demonstrate a listing of all Available Gemstones for an individual design. Benzgem Jewels are not represented here as they are exclusively ours and are not stocked. Each Benzgem is Made to Order.

You should make your first selections from the Categories on the Left or the 9, same size boxes below.
The Search box on the right will be of no value to you.
Should you need to start over, refresh the page. To move to a previous page, hit the back arrow. 

1. To get started, for example, choose "Show all Flexible Designs" from the column on the left.

2. then Choose the "Emerald Shape" icon from the left column.

3. next Choose the "White Square" box for your Color Preview.

4. In the left column under "Primary Stone Size" choose 11 X 9

You now have displayed 606 selections for a 5.50 Carat Emerald shape Diamond. Should you need help please call or Text, 1-504-352-7335.



Perform these steps once you have made a single Jewelry Selection.

Individual Listings take time to create. Should you need immediate assistance, Please contact the Salon by phone or Email.

Should you decide to Email, In the "Quote" message box, Please include all the following additional information:






 benzgem-by-guydesign-emerald-shape-signature-g-h-i-j-genuine-diamond-color-imitation-diamond.jpg benzgem-by-guydesign-brand-emerald-shape-near-colorless-moissanite.jpg benzgem-by-guydesign-emerald-shape-charles-and-colvard-moissanite.jpg benzgem-by-guydesign-emerald-shape-genuine-rhodolite-garnet.jpg benzgem-by-guydesign-emerald-shape-genuine-mozambique-garnet.jpg benzgem-by-guydesign-emerald-shape-genuine-quartz-amethyst.jpg benzgem-by-guydesign-emerald-shape-genuine-beryl-aquamarine.jpg benzgem-by-guydesign-emerald-shape-genuine-beryl-emerald.jpg benzgem-by-guydesign-emerald-shape-genuine-cyrysoberyl-alexandrite.jpg benzgem-by-guydesign-emerald-shape-lab-grown-created-ruby-copy.jpg benzgem-by-guydesign-emerald-shape-genuine-green-peridot.jpg benzgem-by-guydesign-emerald-shape-lab-created-peachy-pink-to-medium-pink-sapphire.jpg benzgem-by-guydesign-emerald-shape-genuine-pink-sapphire.jpg benzgem-by-guydesign-emerald-shape-genuine-yellow-sapphire.jpg benzgem-by-guydesign-emerald-shape-genuine-blue-sapphire.jpg benzgem-by-guydesign-emerald-shape-genuine-green-tourmaline.jpg benzgem-by-guydesign-emerald-shape-genuine-citrine.jpg benzgem-by-guydesign-emerald-shape-genuine-swiss-blue-topaz.jpg benzgem-by-guydesign-emerald-shape-genuine-london-blue-topaz.jpg benzgem-by-guydesign-emerald-shape-genuine-sky-blue-topaz.jpg benzgem-by-guydesign-emerald-shape-genuine-mystic-green-topaz.jpg benzgem-by-guydesign-emerald-shape-genuine-pure-pink-mystic-topaz.jpg benzgem-by-guydesign-emerald-shape-genuine-sunrise-mystic-topaz.jpg benzgem-by-guydesign-emerald-shape-genuine-pink-passion-topaz.jpg benzgem-by-guydesign-emerald-shape-genuine-green-rainforest-topaz.jpg benzgem-by-guydesign-emerald-shape-genuine-blue-zircon.jpg benzgem-by-guydesign-emerald-shape-genuine-tanzanite.jpg benzgem-by-guydesign-emerald-shape-green-quartz.jpg benzgem-by-guydesign-emerald-shape-smoky-quartz.jpg benzgem-by-guydesign-emerald-shape-lomon-quartz.jpg benzgem-by-guydesign-emerald-shape-onyx.jpg benzgem-by-guydesign-emerald-shape-ametrine.jpg

 • Signature G-H-I-J Genuine Diamond Color Benzgem • Benzgem Brand Diamond Cut Moissanite • Charles & Colvard Forever One Moissanite • Garnet - Rhodolite • Garnet -Mozambique • Amethyst • Aquamarine • Emerald • Alexandrite • Ruby • Peridot • Peachy Pink Sapphire • Pink Sapphire • Yellow Sapphire • Blue Sapphire • Tourmaline - Green • Tourmaline - Rubellite • Citrine - Quartz • Topaz - Swiss Blue • Topaz - Sky Blue • Topaz - London Blue • Topaz - Mystic Green • Topaz - Mystic Pure Pink • Sunrise Mystic Topaz • Topaz - Passion Pink • Topaz - Passion Rainforest • Zircon • Tanzanite • Green Quartz • Smoky Quartz • Lemon Quartz • Onyx • Ametrine • 

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We are Certain that you will Love the Believable Look of our Benzgem G-H-I-J Color Range imitation Diamond Solitaires that in the Unlikely event you don't, we are offering a no risk, 60 day Money Back Guarantee with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.


    I have the Simplest tastes...

I am always Satisfied with the Best

cit. Oscar Wilde