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Been waiting for a Believable "Alternative to Diamond"... the Wait is Over!

30 years in the making, BENZGEM Luxury Brand... the World's Best, Believable and Convincing Alternative to Diamond has Arrived!


Diamonds are the undisputed King of Gemstones.

Their #1 disadvantage is Cost - They are very Expensive especially as a Large Solitaire.

Current Market, first tier Retail Prices for Genuine, Mined Diamonds.

**All Certified diamonds from a reputed Lab, Same Cut, Color and Clarity.

  • 1 Carat, $4,100.00, I Color, VS2 Clarity, Hearts & Arrows Cut
  • 2 Carat, $13,840.00, I Color, VS2 Clarity, Hearts & Arrows Cut
  • 3 Carat, $36,000.00, I Color, VS2 Clarity, Hearts & Arrows Cut
  • 4 Carat, $59,560.00, I Color, VS2 Clarity, Hearts & Arrows Cut
  • 5 Carat, $93,240.00, I Color, VS2 Clarity, Hearts & Arrows Cut
  • 6 Carat, $108,260.00, I Color, VS2 Clarity, Hearts & Arrows Cut
  • 7 Carat, $156,380.00, I Color, VS2 Clarity, Hearts & Arrows Cut
  • 10 Carat, $297,030.00, I Color, VS2 Clarity, Hearts & Arrows Cut

#2 is you will spend a small fortune for a Non-Investment.

  • This is absolutely correct... 98% of Diamonds are non Appreciating Assets. Singular diamonds that have a high Carat weight in the double digits, are of a suitable Color and Clarity and have an Excellent, Ideal, or Triple Zero Cut may be considered as a Long Term Investment.
  • For a vast majority of the population, Diamonds not meeting those Standards, would be simply an "Investment" in Beauty and Glamour. Does it make sense to spend that much money on just one Diamond?

#3 Have you ever tried to sell a Diamond? The resale market for Diamonds are Limited to Private sale and Pawn Shops. In addition, the retail diamond market is now filled with Lab Created REAL CARBON DIAMONDS and there are no guarantees on Monetary Values for diamonds.

  • Diamonds and Gemstones in general are like buying an Automobile or any other product or commodity we choose to spend our money on. They are usually an emotional purchase. They are not without worth, they just will never be worth what we will pay for them.

What then becomes the smartest decision to make, that will fulfill the need for a beautiful Diamond and at the same time be Wearable, Durable and Practical?

  • The jewelry setting mount is usually the least expensive component of the jewelry design. With Ladies rings, your best low maintenance choices are Platinum, or 10 Karat Rose or Yellow Gold. Platinum is relatively expensive compared to White Gold, however white gold is not very white and does require [maintenance] plating ever so often.
  • Dress your Platinum or Gold Mount with G+ Color, VS Clarity genuine diamonds. Why Genuine diamonds you ask? In most instances natural diamonds are only about several hundred dollars more than imitation diamonds. A diamond semi-mount is more easily serviced [sizing and repairs] than an imitation semi-mount. Also the diamond semi-mount fills your original desire, "To have a diamond ring".
  • Finally choose your center Jewel. If your intention is for a diamond look, the choices are simple, 1. Choose an expensive mined diamond, 2. Choose a relatively expensive Lab-Grown Carbon Diamond, or 3. Choose a G-H-I-J Diamond Color Benzgem.
  • When we the remove the Cost for the Mined Diamond Solitaire, the budget now allows for a Heavy Weight Platinum Mounting made in the USA, Best Quality Mined Diamonds for the Semi-Mount, and the most Believable and Realistic Alternative Diamond, Benzgem. Benzgem will match and coordinate with the mined diamonds, perfectly.

Benzgem was created Exclusively by GuyDesign® for the sole purpose of being the Most Believable and Realistic Alternative to a Mined Diamond. Benzgem is simply engineered, to Look Real...


• GuyDesign® - Classic Diamond Halo Solitaire Style 145321


Just as in 1885 Karl Friedrich Benz* Invented the first true Automobile, I have created the first true Diamond Alternative. Second only to a Diamond, Benzgem is the Epitome of a World Class Diamond; Benzgem is physically Believable and Realistic as a Diamond.

Benzgem's color is that of a Real Diamond: G-H-I-J Near Colorless White Color. Benzgem is Exclusively Set in Jewellery settings made for genuine Diamonds, furthermore, Benzgem will match and coordinate with the Genuine Diamonds you already own. Wearing a Benzgem... You will Feel and Experience the Opulence of wearing a Genuine, mined "Rock"

*Mercedes Benz is a registered Trademark of Daimler AG


the Eminently credible Benzgem has MOHS Hardness rating of 8.5, the Same Hardness as an Alexandrite. Benzgem is more believable than all other synthetic and Man Made imitations, including synthetic Moissanite, CZ, White Topaz, and White Sapphire. Benzgem is harder than hardened steel and it's hardness exceeds the hardness of all the semi-precious Mined Gems.


Benzgem Believability Attribute #1, The Underlying Body Color of the Rough; the Foundation:

The first step to Benzgem's Believability is the Foundation, the uncut Rough. Statistically most diamonds set in Jewelry are Near Colorless, Graded G-H-I-J White color having tints of yellow, brown or gray. In contrast, the rarest, Colorless, Type II diamonds comprise 1.8 percent of the entire diamond Market.

★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★

• Using the following Photo of Imitation Diamond Rough as a reference you have standard Colorless Rough to the Left, Benzgem Near Colorless White Rough in the Center and Benzgem Faint Yellow White Rough to the Right.



• The Left Rough is the Typical Body color of most, if not ALL, Colorless Imitation Diamonds.

• All Genuine Diamonds, even the most colorless, rarest, type IIa diamonds, are not completely colorless. These rarefied diamonds still have a small percentage of yellow, brown or gray found within them.

★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★

• It is this lack of Body color as exhibited in the Colorless Rough shown on the Left, this Ultra Colorlessness, is the First indication that Someone's "Diamond" is not a Genuine Diamond......

• Our Signature Benzgem G-H-I-J Color Rough, Exclusive to Us, is the Center Rough, Equivalent to GIA's Near Colorless White. Remember, the first step in being a Convincing Alternative to a Genuine Diamond is to have the same color rough as a Genuine Diamond. Our Signature Rough is a Genuine Diamond White color without being too White.

Benzgem believability Attribute #2. Benzgem does not Fluoresce; the Disadvantage of Fluorescence:

32% of the world's Diamonds do fluoresce in UV Light, Sunlight and under fluorescent Lighting in every color.

• With diamonds, Fluorescence is somewhat masked by a Diamond's Quality of Cut, thus diamond's Brilliance and Scintillation overtake and tend to minimize its overall effect on Diamond.

Unfortunately for the standard, average Colorless Imitation Diamond, this phenomenal fluorescence reveals itself as an unnatural Bluish Glow.

• This unnatural Bluish Glow, is the Second indication that Someone's "Diamond" is not Real......

• 99% of imitations are made of inexpensive commercial grade, Colorless Rough that are poorly cut. Other than being colorless, and fiery, like crystal, these imitations always look costume, very much unlike a Real Diamond.

• Our Near Colorless Benzgem Jewels do not Fluoresce; they look the same in the Sunlight, Incandescent lighting and Fluorescent lighting.

Benzgem believability Attribute #3. Diamond Quality Cut applied to Benzgem Alternative Diamond:

Cut plays the deciding role in determining whether a newly faceted Diamond will be a beautiful, handsome, Work of Art.

• The "Life" seen within a Diamond, as the diamond moves ever so slightly, is the result of careful engineering, proper proportions and Excellent Cutting. In fact Rough Diamond of mediocre color and clarity normally viewed as undesirable, become palatable once an Excellent Cut is applied.

• Proper Proportioning, a Fine Make [The Act of creating the Symmetrical Outline of a Diamond, i.e. Pear Shape, Marquise Shape, etc.] and Excellent Cut, all work to bring about the Fabulous effects we desire most in Diamonds; Flashes of White light, Sparkle, Scintillation, and Fiery Brilliance.

• And Finally, None of the previously mentioned Affects are possible without Faceting Style. Diamond Faceting Patterns for any given shape are Tried and True. These are the Standard by which any white Transparent Stone should be Held. Unlike all the others, Benzgem is singly refractive Like a Diamond, G-H-I-J Color like a Diamond, and possess other Qualities like a Diamond, we are the ONLY Company providing a Luxury Diamond Quality Cut.

Benzgem is the Best Alternative Diamond the World has to Offer:

because Benzgem is the Best, Benzgem Solitaires are always set with a Genuine, Mined from the Ground Diamond semi-mount.

• Because of Benzgem's Diamond qualities, Benzgem is always set in Real Jewelry settings designed for Real diamonds. Benzgem is not costume, it is serious Jewelry, it is Bespoke. The Benzgem semi-mount is always set with your choice of Genuine Precision Cut, G-H Color, VS Clarity Diamonds or Genuine Hearts & Arrows, F+ Color, VS Clarity Diamonds.

Benzgem was created Exclusively by GuyDesign® for the sole purpose of being the Most Believable and Realistic Alternative to a Mined Diamond.

Like all Genuine Natural Diamonds, each Benzgem is Singly Refractive, and therefore, Sparkle like a diamond. Benzgem's luster, like diamond, is Adamantine. Benzgem is strong, it is harder than hardened steel.

• Each Jewel is handled in the same fashion as its Genuine Counterpart resulting in an eminently credible Benzgem; Designed, Hand Cut, and Polished as Real Diamonds are.

• Because of its Color and Genuine Diamond qualities, Benzgem will Match and Coordinate with the Genuine Diamonds you already own.

• No other Imitation can compare to Benzgem. Benzgem is better than Moissanite, White Sapphire, White Topaz, or any Commercial or coated CZ. None can compare to the Beauty of Benzgem or have the advantages and Benefits a Benzgem provides.

3 Photos of a Very Large 5 carat Round Moissanite. Notice the Overall Blurred appearance of these stones. This is Double Refraction in action. Diamonds and Benzgem are both Singly Refractive.

moissanite-round-double-refraction-and-double-fire-and-color.jpg moissanite-round-double-refraction-in-action.jpg moissanite-double-refraction-and-blurred-facet-edges..jpg

Moissanite is slightly harder than all imitations and all natural gemstones other than Diamond.

Semi-Precious and Precious Natural Gems have been around for centuries and hardness has never been an issue.

Todays Moissanite is 100% synthetically produced, the original patent has ended and is now produced by several Manufacturers. Moissanite Retails for about $1000 a carat where as Benzgem is about $150.


★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★

➨ Ref. BLOG ARTICLE: Why a Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring is NOT an Investment

Certificates and Appraisals are not a Guarantee of Value.

Jewelry appraisals are based on the prevailing First Tier retail price one could currently expect to pay for the item being appraised. Diamond Certificates from a reputable Gem Lab are usually a listing of the important features and measurements of the respective diamond only. Appraisals & Certificates are not a Monetary Value Guarantee.

★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★


We are Certain that you will Love the Believable Look of our Benzgem G-H-I-J Color Range imitation Diamond Solitaires that in the Unlikely event you don't, we are offering a no risk, 60 day Money Back Guarantee with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.


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