• World Class... Best Imitation Diamond Alternative; What is Benzgem

Benzgem was created Exclusively by GuyDesign® for the sole purpose of being the Most Believable and Realistic Alternative to a Real Diamond Solitaire. Benzgem is simply engineered, to Look Real...


• GuyDesign® - Classic Diamond Halo Solitaire Style 145321


Just as in 1885 Karl Friedrich Benz* Invented the first true Automobile, I have created the first true Diamond Solitaire Alternative. Second only to a genuine Diamond, Benzgem is the Epitome of a World Class Diamond; Benzgem is physically Believable and Realistic as a Diamond.

Benzgem's color is that of a Real Diamond: G-H-I-J Near Colorless White Color. Benzgem is Exclusively Set in Jewellery settings made for genuine Diamonds, furthermore, Benzgem will match and coordinate with the Genuine Diamonds you already own.

Benzgem; You will Feel and Experience the Opulence of wearing a Genuine, "Diamond"

*Mercedes Benz is a registered Trademark of Daimler AG



We are Certain that you will Love the Believable Look of our Benzgem G-H-I-J Color Range imitation Diamond Solitaires that in the Unlikely event you don't, we are offering a no risk, 60 day Money Back Guarantee with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.


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